Practice areas

Property Development & Conveyancing

Our firm serves the commercial and property needs of our clients which consists of development corporations, real property companies, real estate firms and agencies, professional bodies as well as private investors.

Our firm has vast experience in the arts of drafting and preparation of legal documentations in relation to any type of properties available in the present market including but not limited to property disposals and acquisitions , major and large scale of property and land developments, leasing and tenancies of private and commercial properties.

Our experience has in a way contributed and elevated us to be included as panel solicitor for various development corporations throughout the nation. Our clients comprise domestic and international institutions, multinational conglomerates, public-listed companies, multilateral agencies, industrial and commercial corporations, governments and individuals, and social and welfare entities. With our broad experience and knowledge, we are able to provide thorough services in joint venture agreement between commercial corporations from initial negotiating until the completion of the project which includes Sale & Purchase legal documentation.

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Sharida Binti Abdul Rahaman
Banking & Finance

Since the firm is directly involved in property development and conveyancing sectors, our experience undeniably extends to representing clients ranging from housing and commercial borrowers, leaders and intermediaries across the full spectrum of banking and finance sectors. Furthermore, we are directly involved in advising our clients on differences between Islamic and conventional nature of banking system following the current uptrend financing markets.

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Nasrul Hadi Bin Mat Saad
Litigation & Alternative Disputes Resolution

A strong and excellent legal firm is not complete if the said firm does not have litigation expertise. We offer representation at all levels of trial and appellate litigation. We also cover wide range of disputes including commercial disputes, corporate insolvency and restructuring, defamation, private client disputes, construction and property disputes and international trade disputes.

  • Debt Collection/ Recovery/ Foreclosure/ Foreclosure cases ;
  • Sales of Goods cases;
  • Defence in Professional Negligence cases;
  • Eviction proceedings;
  • Employment and Industrial Relation matters;
  • Matrimonial matters for both Muslims and Non Muslims ;
  • Consumer Tribunal cases;
  • Contractual claims involving breach of contract, and claims for restitutions, rescission, rectification etc:
  • Company and Corporate litigations involving Arrangement, Reconstruction and Restructuring Schemes, Restraining Orders and Winding –Up proceedings;
  • Land Acquisition matters;
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark cases;
  • Probate and Succession ;
  • Arbitration and Mediation.

We are capable of handling various types of executions of judgment::-

  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Winding –Up proceedings;
  • Judgment Debtor’s Summons proceedings;
  • Garnishee Proceedings; and
  • Writ Seizure and Sale Proceedings.

We have vast experience in obtaining and opposing various types of injunctions such as:-

  • Interlocutory/ Interim Injunctions;
  • Perpetual Injunctions;
  • Declarations;
  • Specific Performance ;
  • Anton Pillar Order;
  • Mareva Injunctions.

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nur farahna fateen binti mohd fadzil​
probate & administration of deceased estates​

We have the expertise to file and handle various Court Applications in relation to Probate and Administration of
Estates of the Deceased such as:-

  • Grant of Probate;
  • Letter of Administrations:
  • Trusteeship at High Court and Land Office ; and,
  • Wills for Muslims and Non –Muslim.

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izyan anis bte musanif​

We provide a full range of corporate and commercial legal services to companies, enterprises as well as individuals locally and internationally. We cover most aspects of corporate, business and commercial law. We focus on integrating your business and investment strategies with practical legal and professional service solutions that work for you .

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Izyan Anis Bte Musanif
intellectual property​

As part of our aim to cater the needs of our clients, our Firm also provides services for the Registration of Intellectual Property components such as Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design and Copyright

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Adnan Seman @ Abdullah

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